Loris Flashpoint Af Lyn. Sourced from www.sportaloosa.com

Richmeed Medallion. sourced from cyberhorse.net.au

Gelriano. Sourced from wimborneparkstud.com

Kadon Park Flashback

BORN 18th NOV 2020












Jumping? Dressage? the choice is yours! A multipurpose pedigree with the added bonus of  50% Knabstrubber breeding. Expected to mature 15.3hh. 50% chance of the classical danish knabstrupper colouring.......Dare to be different!

Well we missed the colour for the second time in 2020 but this is a spectacular colt all the same!


Knabstruppers are valued for their kind temperaments, high level of trainability, playfulness, sanity, strength, stamina and good health as well as for their wonderful colour. Over the past two centuries, there have come to be two rather distinct types of Knabstruppers: the Sport Horse type and the Baroque type. The Sport Horse type has been bred to excel in dressage, eventing and show jumping and has been developed by crossing the Knabstrupper with the warmblood sport horses of Europe, most notably the Danish Warmblood and the Trakehner. The Sport-type Knabstrupper is lighter boned, highly athletic, and excels at multiple disciplines. The most common of the two types, it embodies the spirit of today's working warmblood horse; powerful muscular structure coupled with a slightly narrower structure; designed for greater speed and agility.  Their willingness to work and eager ambitions to please, make them a steady favorite amongst breeders around the world. 


LORIS FLASHPOINT AF LYN (IMP)  bred in Denmark and born in Germany, he is certainly leaving his mark with spectacular foals. Owners are also reporting how easy they are to do anything with and have lovely soft natures,and lovely comfortable free paces. His sire Figaro Af Hallunbaek is one of the Knabstrupper breed's most popular and top quality stallions.

Lori's Flashpoint Af Lyn has twice been the Sportaloosa representative at Equitana, coping with the huge crowds and proving to be a favourite. Not only has he got big floating movement, but he enjoys showjumping, jumping 1.30m at home and rapidly went  from  never  seeing  a coloured  jump  to  finishing off with  a D grade  Championship  at  the  NSW State  Championships.


RASMUS AF HALLUNDBAEK  did an excellent job at his performance test and has sired six licensed sons: three of them are in Denmark, including Figaro af Hallundbaek (later exported to South Africa)  two in Germany and one in Great Britain. . He has forward moving, athletic and fluid paces with a broad chest, a well-muscled neck with a natural top line and good bone structure. With his fantastic Knabstrupper temperament he is ridden in both dressage and showjumping. 

RICHMEED MEDALLION (IMP) was a very impressive Grand Prix stallion with tremendous floating paces and an outstanding temperament. His wonderful temperament and trainability have been confirmed by the fact that even though Medallion lost his left eye he continued to train on and compete in unfamiliar places and 'high pressure' situations. Not too many horses would pass this test of obedience. Medallion is himself is the sire of hundreds of Olympic discipline competition horses. It is not unusual to see him represented at State and National Dressage Competitions by up to ten offspring. His progeny include  Byalee Magic (Grand Prix Dressage, also a medallion-salute cross) and Mystery Whisper (4* eventer). Medallion is also well represented in show jumping and eventing, which is to be expected considering his pedigree.

MAY SHERIF the sire of more than half a dozen international Grand Prix horses and the only stallion ever to sire two World Cup final winners in Andiamo (Sven Rothenberger) and Matador (Kyra Kirkland )Andiamo, ridden by Sven Rothenburger, was also an Olympic team Gold Medalist and Matador, with Kyra Kyrklund, was an Olympic individual medalist.  May Sherif is also recognised for his ability to pass on to his progeny wonderful activity and a special talent for piaffe and passage. 

REGAL SALUTE  was  purchased as a yearling by Regal Warmblood Stud, he lived his younger life in tropical Queensland. He competed in dressage up to elementary level, training small tour. He then went back to the Hunter valley where he was bred to be completed by Boyd Martin in PSG and Inter I with some showjumping and eventing thrown in for variety. Regal spent time with Olympian Rod Brown before being sold to Victoria 


SALUTE (IMP)  is probably the most influential performance bloodline in Australia. Salute sired:

  • Victory Salute, Australian grand prix champion & 9th at the WEG in 2010

  • Stirling stilton, who represented Australia at the WEG in 2002

  • Stirling Sprite, an advanced eventer and world cup showjumper

  • Snowshoes, world cup showjumper

  • Staccato, who was previously ranked number one eventing stallion in the world

  • Stirling Soux - four star eventer

  • F1 Pharenelli - four star eventer

  • The dam of Mystery Whisper, who competed in eventing at the 2012 Olympics

GELRIANO was one of the elite group of young stallions to pass the exacting standards of the Hanoverian Verband at the October 1990 Hanoversche Hengstkorung (stallion licensing by the German Hanoverian Breed Society). Not only did he win his 4 and 5 year old performance jumping stallion classes, he won at Advanced level dressage, was awarded Champion Warmblood Stallion at Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane Royal Shows and was awarded Supreme Champion Warmblood at Barastoc Horse Show !!

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Kadon Park Flashback

Loris Flashpoint Af Lyn (IMP) x Byalee Minuet. 2.5 months old