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Once you have ridden a well bred horse, you can never go back......


The walk comes with so much power and freedom, the floating trot is just there without any effort to keep it all together, the canter has so much lift, and the jump has the height and boldness required. You just have to point the horse in the direction you want to go.


All of the mares at Kadon Park have bloodlines GLITTERED with FEI superstars, as direct sires, grandsires and damsires.

Each year we plan to breed a small number of warmblood foals from proven warmblood sires, as well as one coloured foal, without compromising on quality.

From 2019 we plan to incorporate both Knabstupper stallions and Iberian stallions (Andalusians and Lusitanos) into the studs breeding program due to the increasing recognition of the breeds, the rise in popularity of working equitation as a sport in Australia and the proven versatility and trainability of these under-represented breeds.

Stallions are carefully selected for the mares to highlight their strengths and accentuate their bloodlines, to produce a high quality foal with the temperment, trainability, conformation and movement that should go all the way to the top!


If you want to give yourself the best chance to achieve your dreams, then you need to start with a horse that is capable of performing the work. If you are aiming for FEI eventing than you need to find a purpose bred horse that is not only capable of jump, stamina, endurance and boldness, but MUST be able to perform in the dressage arena. If you are aiming for FEI dressage then you need to find a horse capable of performing the upper level movements of piaffe and passage, who is also calm and trainable. This is usually achieved by selecting a stallion that is not only competing at the desired level, but who have progeny moving through the levels successfully.


If you look at our TOP FEI horses, you will see they share common sires and grandsires, this is not by chance, it is because TOP BLOODLINES PRODUCE TOP QUALITY HORSES. The mare selection is JUST as important as the stallion, because just as much of the movement, temperament, trainability and WOW factor comes from the mare as the stallion. A well bred mare will accentuate the movement of a selected stallion, and if all the bloodlines are there, there should be nothing standing between you and success.


There is no greater feeling than moving through the levels on a young horse YOU have brought on and trained yourself. A TRUE lifelong partnership is formed.




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