Kadon Park Broodmares

I am so proud to own each one of my broodmares. These mares come from some of the highest quality bloodlines  Australia has to offer, to produce foals of the highest standard. Their pedigrees are glittered with superstars of FEI dressage and eventing.

The mares are a member of the family and are cared for as such. They have had their teeth done and their hooves are regularly cared for, they are groomed regularly and are checked over daily.

If you are interested in any of our youngstock I encourage you to come and meet the mares. They will not be suspiciously out to stud when you visit!

 To learn more about the mares and their exciting pedigrees, please click on their image.


Kadon Park Bradgate Park Olympia
Bradgate Park Olympia
Olympic Ferro (IFS) x Ribera Grand (IMP) (Regazzoni, Rubenstein I)



Matavia Furst Lady
Furst Nymphenburg (IFS) x Ribbleton Poppy (Pommery, Pik Bube)



Macarthur Delilah
De Niro (IFS) x Raynor Hill Alabama (Alabaster, Grannus II )

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Lenaya WD
Lauries As (IMP) x Freya WD (Fishermans Friend)

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Kadon Park Benalbyn Georgia Brown Gymnastik Star
Benalbyn Georgia Brown
Gymnastik Star (IMP) x Benalbyn Airs & Graces (Kaliber Imp Trak)
Euroz Obsession  
00 Seven (IFS) x Klassik Fantine (Flaneur, Souvenir)
Tanah Mahri Raya 
Rotspon (IFS) x Diamond Z Saga (Salute)
AEA Miami 
AEA Metallic (IMP)  x Lucinda (Stirling Luther, Ludendorf)
Byalee Minuet
Richmeed Medallion (IMP) x Regal Symphony (Salute, Gelriano)
Kadon Park Jive Lady R Jive Magicc
Jive Lady R (earned her retirement from breeding)
Jive Magic (IMP) x Wilky Mirrah (Richmeed Medallion, Ludendorf)



Kadon Park Byalee Maeve Richmeed Medallion Salute
Byalee Maeve (DEC)
Richmeed Medallion (IMP) x Flute (Salute)
Kadon Park Rondelle R Regardez Moi
Rondelle R 
Regardez Moi (IMP) x Sandy (Salute, Consul, Moselfischer)
Rondelle failed to conceive after 3 years, however she has been sold and restarted under saddle