2016 brought us two of the highest quality foals for the dressage enthusiast. Our coloured foal was from the Grullo Sabino Andalusian HATERO DE PB out of Bradgate Park Olympia. We were also lucky enough to deliver a FIJI R foal from Jive Lady R . Both foals have HUGE potential to make FEI level given their fabulous pedigrees.

2017 was an exciting year. With pregnancies to FURSTENBALL, BYALEE BRIAR, and FURST LOVE  for the dressage enthusiast, and for the showjumpers and eventers a foal by WIMBORNE CONSTABLE, from our Gymnastik Star mare Benalbyn Georgia Brown! This will be one to wait for, with a dual purpose pedigree for either jumping or dressage!

In 2018 we are only expecting one foal. If Grey can be classified as "coloured" then we have a 50% chance of grey!!! A VERSACE baby out of the stunning mare Euroz Obsession (OO Seven). A bad year for conception Australia wide and drought conditions, I think the girls know something we didn't. Jive Lady had a CH early in the season, Georgia and Rondelle failed to conceive and Olly and Maeve were not rebred due to late foaling and drought conditions.

A recent purchase brings me an early 2019 foal by BLUE HORS BENTLEY (IFS) out of our newest edition Rotspon mare Tanah Mahri Raya. We are expecting a coloured eventing foal by eventing stallion KAMBARBAY (IFS), as well as a repeat breeding for a very special client (dream baby comes to mind!) A pregnancy to Grand Prix stallion FIJI R, BYALEE BRIAR and a very exciting dressage foal the up and coming BLUEFIELDS DANKESCHOEN out of Jive Lady R. I am super excited about this dressage baby! Bluefields Dankeschoen was runner up in the 4yo Final @ Sydney CDI 2017, in Feb 2018 he achieved  94.2% highest score ever in Australia for a 5yo, won the NSW Young Horse Championship 5yo at the Sydney CDI and a great first 6yo outing with 93.6%.

Five Years on........... 2020 is already bringing much anticipation and excitement. Positive pregnancies to FURSTENBALL, WIMBORNE CONSTABLE, DESERT STORM and our planned coloured foal by SARTORS SUPERMODEL an imported Knabstrupper! Purchase of another pregnant mare in April adds a foal by LORI'S FLASHPOINT AF LYN, another imported danish Knabstrupper who took home the D grade  Championship  at  the  NSW State  SJ Championships and jumping 1.30m at home. 

2020 was another bad year for conception, with only five pregnancies from 10 mares bred, despite repeated attempts.  However 2021 is still an exciting year.......OLLY entered a breeding lease and a we have a confirmed pregnancy to ZENON. This super baby is however not for sale. Positive pregnancies to dressage stallions FURST LOVE, CHRISTOS, and the up and coming dressage stallion LATIN LOVER and our planned coloured foal by BYALEE BRIAR. This is a repeat breeding for Miami as I was so impressed with the previous Briar x Miami foal, Kadon Park Bewilder.

2022 foals are already overwhelming me with excitement!!! To date we have confirmed pregnancies to WBFSH number 6 (sixth best dressage stallion and 13th best eventing stallion in the world) FIDERTANZ,  FEI coloured stallion KENLOCK INDIAN SKY (our 2022 coloured foal), QUESTING R who will be making his first Prix St George start this year, the 4 and 5 year old Australian young dressage horse champion IRESIAS L, the multi-talented and very beautiful son of Quarterback QUASI GOLD, and imported PRE SA FEI champion ARMAS CALABRES!

All foals are handled from birth. They are halter trained and taught to lead and tie up from a young age. They have been on a horse float, had their feet regularly cared for, have had their full tetanus vaccination course and routine worming. Foals grow up in a farm environment so are therefore well accustomed to dogs, cattle, children, motorbikes, rabbits, kangaroos and the occasional fallow deer!


Please click on the foals (or for unborn foals the sires image to learn more about the foals exceptional parentage and see further pictures and video. (2022 foals pages not yet active!!)

Kadon Park Scandalous

Kenlock Indian Sky x Tanah Mahri Raya


DUE 19/09/2022



Kadon Park Irresistible
Lot F -Questing R-Peter Stoop.jpg
Kadon Park Questionable Affair
Kadon Park Fidelity

Questing R x Euroz Obsession

DUE 25/09/2022





Fidertanz x Macarthur Delilah

DUE 12/12/2022

Kadon Park Quasar
Kadon Park Captivation

Iresias L x Byalee Minuet


DUE 17/10/2022



Quasi Gold x Benalbyn Georgia Brown

DUE 18/10/2022




Aramas Calabres x AEA Miami

DUE 13/11/2022

Kadon Park Forbidden Love

Furst Love x Euroz Obsession


BORN 30/09/2021



Kadon Park Baci
Kadon Park Lovestruck

Byalee Briar x AEA Miami

BORN 17/11/2021




Latin Lover X Matavia Furst Lady

BORN 23/12/2021

Kadon Park Charisma

Christos x Jive Lady R


BORN 21/11/2021


Kadon Park Zhoug
Kadon Park Dark Secret

Zenon x Bradgate Park Olympia

BORN 04/11/21

        NOT FOR SALE         

Desert Storm X Jive Lady R

BORN 17/11/2020 

Kadon Park Conspiracy
Kadon Park Flirtatious
Kadon Park Flashback

Wimborne Constable x Benalbyn Georgia Brown


BORN 24/09/2020


Furstenball x Tanah Mahri Raya

BORN 20/10/2020



Loris Flashpoint Af Lyn x Byalee Minuet

BORN 18/11/2020


Kadon Park Dynamo
Kadon Park Superstitions

Daiquiri X Asha

BORN 14/10/2020



Sartors Supermodel X Bradgate Park Olympia

BORN 04/10/2020



Kadon Park Deception

Bluefields Dankeschoen x Jive lady R


BORN 20/10/2019


Kadon Park Fascination

Fiji R x Euroz Obsession


BORN 07/11/2019


Kadon Park Keepsake
Kadon Park Bewilder

Byalee Briar x AEA Miami


BORN 29/09/2019


Kambarbay x Benalbyn Georgia Brown


BORN 27/09/2019


Kadon Park Furstenfolly, Furstenball, Bradgate Park Olympia, Olympic Ferro
Kadon Park Honour
Kadon Park Victorious
Kadon Park Furstenfolly

Hatero De PB x Bradgate Park Olympia


BORN 27/09/2019


Versace x Euroz Obsession


BORN 13/10/2018



Fürstenball x Bradgate Park Olympia


Born 15/12/2017


Kadon Park Fidelity, Fiji R, Rondelle R
Kadon Park Furst Lady

Furst Love x Jive Lady R


BORN 17/10/2017


Kadon Park Hollywood, Hatero De PB, Olympic Ferro, Bradgate Park Olympia
Kadon park Controversy, Wimborne Constable, Contenda, Gymnastik Star, Benalbyn Georgia Brown
Kadon Park Controversy

Wimborne Constable x Benalbyn Georgia Brown


BORN 06/11/2017


Kadon Park Frivelous, Fiji R, Jive Magic R
Kadon Park Bijou, Byalee Briar, Byalee Maeve
Kadon Park Bijou

Byalee Briar x Byalee Maeve


BORN 20/11/2017


Kadon Park Hollywood

Hatero De PB x Bradgate Park Olympia


BORN 11/11/2016


photo courtesy of Noor Mineur

Kadon Park Frivelous

Fiji R x Jive Lady R


BORN 28/09/2016

Deceased - Snake bite as 2 year old


Kadon Park Brilliant Alibi

Blue Hors Bentley x Tanah Mahri Raya

BORN 06/01/2019

Deceased - paddock injury