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Kadon Park Honour

BORN 27th SEP 2019

SOLD!   To Courtney and Elizabeth Griffiths preconception











Sired by Hatero De PB out of Bradgate Park Olympia. Expected to mature 16hh. This foal is a special order for a wedding present!! . 50% chance of sabino markings (bling!) and 50% chance of dun/grullo colouration. Will be a true dressage superstar that will stand out in the crowd. Full sibling to Kadon Park Hollywood


HATERO DE PB is an extremely rare Grullo Sabino PRE/Andalusian Stallion. Elizabeth Sobecki & Hatero de PB competed for a top 10 finish at the 2014 World Equestrian Games in France! Both horse and rider qualified for the 2016 Rio Paralympics and also the 2018 World Equestrian Games.


Hatero has also been successful in his Australian debuts with extreme success in official elementary and medium classes with scores of up to 74% with rider Heather Currie. He has already won elementary championships and is currently leading the BE Active Elementary leader board for SA. Hatero also loves to jump and has competed in eventing. Currently schooling advanced dressage with his 13 year old owner & rider


His Sire, GENTO is a qualified stallion from the famous Military Stud in Jerez. Qualified is rather like elite in the Warmbloods, they have to have produced a certain number of champions/exceptional horses. He is making a name for himself as a producer of Grand Prix dressage horses. The most recognised at the moment, Minero VII, was short listed for the Bejing Olympics. On his dam's side he descends from the famous Llovera bloodline. This outstanding combination has produced a young stallion with an engaging personality, calm good nature & strong work ethic that endears him to all.



  • Grandsire of VALEGRO. Current #1 on FEI dressage rankings. Double                           world champion and current world record holder.     

  • Sire of GLOCKS UNDERCOVER currently #3 on FEI dressage rankings

  • Grandsire of UTHOPIA. Gold medal winner at 2012 olympics     

  • Grandsire of ARLANDO. currently #13 on FEI dressage rankings

Olympic Ferro competed at the 2000 Olympics and assisted his team in achieving a team silver medal, with an individual score of 74.92%. He also won team silver at the 1998 World Equestrian Games, 1999 European Championships and in 2000 he placed second in the World Cup Finals As a three-year-old he was champion of his performance test at Ermelo. His sire Ulft, (grandsire of Parzival who achieved silver at the London olympic games) is a son of the great Le Mexico, who is listed 10th on the jumping  index with 142 points.  Ferro's dam, Brenda, is a daughter of the Holsteiner, Farn, who is listed sixth on the jumping index with 146 points. Farn's son Nimmerdor, is listed second on the jumping index with 155 points. In addition to their dressage excellence, Olympic Ferro's offspring also make good jumpers. Olympic Ferro is currently ranked 7th on the WBNFSH World Stallion Rankings for dressage, and has previously been ranked first.


REGAZZONI was the overall champion of his Stallion Performance Test in 1994, scoring 10's in rideability and disposition, and 9 for his trot, 8.5 for his walk, and 8 for his canter. He won the fiinals of the 1996 German 5 year old dressage championship. He has competed successfully in dressage competitions up to intermediate level and been trained to Grand Prix level.


Ribera Grande is a state premium mare. She was awarded the best Hanoverian mare at the 2000 Euro-Mare Championship in Brussels, Belgium. Highest scoring mare at Elmloke from 82 mares. Winning mare at Dobrock Stutenschau and the winning mare at Verden. Imported to Australia by Bradgate Park in 2007.

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