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Kadon Park Fidelity

Born 9th December 2022












Fidertanz, the current WBFSH number 6 dressage stallion, WBFSH number 13 eventing stallion and Hanoverian stallion of the year 2021, also the sire of Fiderdance,  (Fidel) campaigned internationally at Grand Prix level by Simone Pearce and Australia's representative at the 2022 WEG. Combine this talent with one of the greatest dressage stallions ever De NIro, who was WBFSH number one stallion for 6 years. Tell me this foal isn't everything you have been searching for!


FIDERTANZ is an incredibly powerful and charismatic stallion known for his exceptional rideability and his outstanding movement. He passed his 30-day test in Neustadt/D, winner of the licencing and became Vice Bundeschampion in Warendorf. In 2006 he rose to be the Oldenburg Main Premium Winner with emphasis on dressage in recognition of his outstanding first foal crop. In 2007 Fidertanz rounds off his performance record by qualifying for the Bundeschampionat. In the meantime, there are several victories and placings up to Grand Prix level on his account. In 2021 he German Equestrian Federation reports exactly 1,000 successful offspring in competition, a fact that placed their sire again among the best rideability-sires of Germany according to FN’s estimated breeding value statistic. They are attractive for their riding comfort and willingness to perform, among them is Fiderdance/Simone Pearce, Franziskus/Ingrid Klimke, Foundation/Matthias Alexander Rath, Finest Fellow, who is competing CCIO4* /Elena Otto-Erley, Fairytale/Anna Lena SchaafeFirst Class/Andrea Timpe and Fiderstern/Christine Eglinski, 

FIDERMARK I was winner of his stallion performance test, Bundeschampion and Grand Prix winner but unfortunately died far too early. ther offspring include Charlotte Dujardin’s double world bronze medalist Mount St John Freestyle, and the breeding stallions Fürst Piccolo and For Compliment. 


FLORESTAN was champion of the 1988 Rhineland approval and won his performance test in Warendorf the following year. Succesful progeny include Fidermark, Florencio, FRench KIss, Ferrara /Isabell Werth.  On the WBFSH dressage stallion rankings for 2011, Florestan is in second place.


DE NIRO was vice champion of the stallion performance test in Adelheidsdorf with a score of 141.93 points and champion of rideability with a score of 145.41 points. In 2000, he won Grand Prix dressage tests at the age of seven. in 2001 he won the German dressage championships and in 2002 he was winning in International competition. He was awarded Hanoverian stallion of the Year in 2008. In 2010, De Niro was awarded 5th place on the WBFSH list, with 10 internationally successful offspring at Grand Prix-level. In 2012, De Niro is ranked first in the ranking of the World Breeding Federation for Sports Horses. Therefore he is the best dressage stallion of the world. He ranked at number 1 for the following 6 years. 6 of his offspring were competing at the London Olympic games and he has produced olympic gold winning horses and FEI ranked number 1 horses. 

DONNERHALL'S bloodline is statistically the number one bloodline responsible or partly responsible for most of the top 50 dressage horses in the world.  Donnerhall has the highest dressage index of all stallions ranked on the WBFSH rankings. Grandsire of Desperados and Weihegold, previously #1 and #2 on FEI standings. Donnerhall absolved his stallion performance test in Adelheidsdorf as vice-champion with a score of in excess of 130 points, exceeding all fellow contenders in the field of rideability, scoring 9.5. This was followed by high placements and wins in Grand Prix, Grand Prix Special and optional Grand Prix events. In 1994, Donnerhall had not only already gained an outstanding reputation for himself as an exceptional sire through his approved sons, highly decorated daughters and numerous competition sports horses, but also returned home from the World Championships in Hague with team gold and individual bronze medals.Then at the 1997 European Championship in Verden, Donnerhall once again belonged to the golden team and won an additional individual bronze medal. At the 1998 World Championships in Rome,  he was once more part of the German gold medal team and gained an excellent fourth place in the individual rating. Donnerhall was awarded Oldenburger Stallion of the Year in 1997 and 1998.

ALABASTER did a very good stallion test in Adelheidsdorf in 1992, where his aptitude for dressage became very evident. He achieved the title of federal champion of 5 year old dressage horses in Warendorf in 1994. He was successful as a sports horse up to Grand Prix level. His most famous offspring were Isabell Werth's Apache and Hayley Beresford's Jaybee Alabaster



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