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Photos under saddle taken by Ms Courtney Griffiths

Matavia Furst Lady






Tall, athletic, sensible and simply breathtaking.  This stunning mare succesfully competed in novice and para-equestrian olympic qualifying classes before she retired here at Kadon Park as a broodmare.  HHSA Registered and Classified. "Lizzie" is full sister to Roxleigh Fidelio who was awarded 2019 AND 2020 SA FEI horse of the year!


FURST NYMPHENBURG was reserve champion at the Hanoverian licensing in Verden in 2007 and in the autumn of 2007 he won his stallion performance test in Adelheidsdorf, with the highest dressage index of 147.23 points. Fürst Nymphenburg  commenced stud duties at Hadeln/Oberndorf in 2008 and was immediately one of the most popular stallions in Hanover. He was carefully brought up to Prix St. Georges/Intermediare I by his rider, Tessa Frank. This perfect couple can be credited with many victories, placements, and titles. In 2014, they brilliantly won the qualifiers for the Nürnberger Burg Pokal. Fürst Nymphenburg  has an 2014 FN dressage breeding value of 160 points and placed in the top one percent of German dressage stallions. He is third on the 2015 Hanoverian list for Riding horse type with a score of 156. His Hanoverian dressage value is 145, with scores of 134 for trot, 153 for canter, 139 for walk and 135 for rideability.


FLORENCIO  was the World Champion of 2004 and 2005 for young dressage horses with high scores of 10 for canter, 9.7 trot, loose walk 9.6, and overall presentation 9.9. Due to his successes in sports and the high quality of the foals from his first crop, the Oldenburg Verband awarded Florencio the 1a Main Premium in 2004.  For a few years, Florencio disappeared from the international radar but returned to the CDI ring in 2009 and competed at small tour level in Aachen and Rotterdam. 

FLORESTAN  Florestan I was champion of the 1988 Rhineland approval and won his performance test in Warendorf the following year. 

DE NIRO was vice champion of the stallion performance test in Adelheidsdorf with a score of 141.93 points and champion of rideability with a score of 145.41 points. In 2000, he won Grand Prix dressage tests at the age of seven. in 2001 he won the German dressage championships and in 2002 he was winning in International competition. He was awarded Hanoverian stallion of the Year in 2008. In 2010, De Niro was awarded 5th place on the WBFSH list, with 10 internationally successful offspring at Grand Prix-level. In 2012, De Niro is ranked first in the ranking of the World Breeding Federation for Sports Horses. Therefore he is the best dressage stallion of the world. He ranked at number 1 for the following 6 years. 6 of his offspring were competing at the London Olympic games and he has produced olympic gold winning horses and FEI ranked number 1 horses. 

POMMERY won the dressage phase of the 1994 Stallion performance Test with excellent rideability and wonderful, cadenced movements and placed third overall.


PIK BUBE sired performers in all disciplines. His daughter, Pikantje was Federal German riding horse champion of 1981, and Pik Bube’s Girl won the 1990 Federal Mare Show in Verden. Pik Primaire, Pik Noir and Pik Royal were amongst the 49 of his offspring that were successful in advanced dressage, while 19 showjumpers achieved advanced level. 


First foal (2004) Matavia Rohan by Riverdance was best colt foal on tour and sold to Jess McMahon who was then in the Victorian young rider team. He is still competing in Tasmania.
2nd foal was bred by Cheryl O’Brien (2006) Remi Flower Power by Fishermans Friend. She is an elite Mare and has produced Elite mares herself.
3rd foal (2007) Matavia Fisher King by Fishermans Friend was purchased by amateur rider Melanie Nixon in WA. She has trained him herself from the very beginning and he is now winning at Grand Prix and has won WA FEI Champion the last two years. He won gold performance medals at every level along the journey.
4th foal (2009) Matavia Rosenkrantz by Rotspon was purchased by Jen Benson as a weanling. She competed him to Elementary/Medium before selling him to a top level vaulting team in SA. They have big hopes for him in this sport.
5th foal(2010) Matavia Furst Lady by Furst Nymphenburg was a gold foal and sold once under saddle to WEG Paraequestrian Elizabeth Sobecki. 
6th foal (2011) Roxleigh Fidelio by Furst Nymphenburg was a gold foal and purchased as a foal by a syndicate for FEI rider Ruth Schneeberger. He has won SA Horse of the Year the last two years and multiple state championships. He is now winning at Prix St George.
7th Foal Matavia Fiorente (2013) by Furst Nymphenburg was a gold foal but is now deceased after a paddock accident.
8th foal Matavia Dancette (2015) by Don Dancier was not assessed as no assessor in SA that year. Sold to Melanie Nixon as she came looking for the next horse to bring on after Fisher King.
9th and final foal (2017) Matavia Bon Accord by Bonds was a gold foal and sold recently to a NSW young rider team member.

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